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What We Do

Sales Channel Optimization

We'll help you select the most effective and efficient partners, and then ensure you have the best content, configuration, integration and relationships to rank highly and get found on each channel. 

How often are you contacted by OTAs, aggregators, resellers, travel agents, SaaS systems and more with promises for more sales? From our experience, the answer is too often. And those promises are too often hollow. We can do the work for you — not just provide instructions that create more questions than answers.

Your channel strategy has to provide profit, not pain. More is not always better, so let us ensure you find the best channels to sell more, to make more, and minimize cannibalization of your most profitable sales: the ones that come direct. 

Our experience working inside the OTAs means we know what drives visibility and conversion on those platforms, uniquely positioning us to help you optimize your sales channels and maximize profit. 

At TourismSolved, our business developent experts will: 

  • Assess, recommend, and implement improvements in connectivity and other technical infrastructure to ensure you’re set up for success
  • Optimize your product content to maximize visibility and conversion on OTAs
  • Maximize your margins with effective channel management