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What We Do

Remarketing and Traveler Engagement

The average traveler spends 42 days planning a trip, typically booking tours and activities at the end of that period. We're here help you win travelers when they are ready to book.

People are active researchers while they build their travel plans, and that research often happens across a number of days if not weeks. They look at numerous options and spend many hours over many sessions creating their ideal itinerary. Then, when they are finally ready to commit, they get back online and search again for where they should book.

Knowing this, we can make sure that anyone who has been to your website is reminded of your business when the time comes to book. This is the power of remarketing — which helps you track these interested travelers online and remind them of your exciting offerings throughout their research process. We can even deliver a special offer at the right time, driving direct bookings that allow you to save on an OTA commission. 

At TourismSolved, we will: 

  • Develop a comprehensive plan, including email capture, content strategy, and email contact strategy, to keep interested travelers engaged
  • Implement the infrastructure and run display retargeting campaigns that remind interested travelers of your offering
  • Work with you to develop, test and optimize potential booking incentives
  • Ensure your social presence is working to engage potential bookers
  • Use our knowledge of these people to find people just like them, introducing your business to people you’d otherwise miss.