TourismSolved - Digital Fitness Assessment

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What We Do

Digital Fitness Assessment

A strong platform for direct, profitable growth starts with understanding your customer data, and which marketing channels are producing the best ROI. Try our free, 30-minute assessment to see what tools you could be using to maximize conversion.

Ensuring your site is set up with the right marketing infrastructure and optimized to engage and convert interested travelers sets you up for success before we ever spend a dime on traveler acquisition. Not sure where to start? That’s why we exist. Ask for your free 30-minute business planning session.

In the TourismSolved Digital Fitness Assessment, we will:

  • Implement tracking and tagging to enable effective digital marketing
  • Establish and/or optimize your Google My Business listing 
  • Set you up to use Google Reserve to capture direct bookings
  • Recommend Site/Content adjustments to maximize conversion