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2nd Mar 2020

It’s been said time and time again that the internet has leveled the playing field for travel companies.  Anyone with a little tech savviness can throw together a website and get their name out there.  Unfortunately, while building a website has never been easier, there are a lot of moving parts of which the arm chair internet marketeer may be unaware.  In the sea of sameness, putting your best foot forward can be that thing that makes the traveler choose your company over another or why an OTA may select your product to feature.


Content quality scores are an often overlooked factor which determines your placement online.  Currently, there isn’t a set standard when it comes to generating that score and many third party sites use proprietary algorithms to generate their content quality score.  Many travel sites find that they don’t have the time or resources available to dedicate to playing a game with no specific set of rules.  However, adapting your content to fit the algorithms is essential to improving your online presence and is not something to be overlooked.


In the hunt to get more customers, quality content is the name of the game. Quality content on websites not only allows your potential customer to gain insight to relevant information about your product, it also factors into the quest for better search engine rankings. The better the quality, the higher the organic ranking in search engines. Creating high quality, unique content sets you apart from the rest.  By utilizing unique, useful, and informative descriptions of your product, you are allowing the customer to engage with your brand and begin to create a trusting relationship. Finding the right balance between the content that your audience wants to see and the information that is necessary to increase quality content scores can be difficult.


The vast majority of travelers visit online travel agency (OTA) sites to get an idea of what the competitive landscape looks like for their vacation.  It’s easy to use those types of sites to have a side by side compare rather than researching on a one by one basis.  An important factor in driving the customer back to your site is keeping your content audience-centric. Relevant content and engaging photography will help build a relationship with the customer, create loyalty, and quiet the noise of the OTA sites.


Getting customers to your site is one thing.  Having their visit convert into a booking is another. There is a degree of testing that all sites need to get comfortable with.  Understanding the need to integrate multivariate testing and A/B testing into your marketing plan is essential. Some tests succeed and some fail but both present you with information to optimize your growth.  Visitors that find your site organically will behave differently than those obtained through a paid campaign…just as return visitors browse sites differently than new ones. Designing these types of parameters into your testing is a key to success. 


The good news is finding the missing pieces that go into a successful marketing strategy is something we’ve solved.  We’ve gathered the travel industry’s best and brightest together to do just that...we’re TourismSolved.  All of this can be done without additional stress and resources. You just need a little help and that’s why we exist.   Ask for your free 30 minute business planning session.