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Remarketing for tours and activities - what is it & why is it critical to your business

Simon van Wyk, 12th Jul 2020

I went to Berlin for a travel conference that never happened, but while we were there a bunch of fellow attendees gathered together to have a more informal event.  While I was there I heard a lot of operators talking about their issues.  The most heard complaints were “Google does not work” and “we’ve never had success with Facebook”. The good news is these are not Facebook and Google problems. They are because marketers should pay attention to the behavior of their customers. 

Let's look at the customer. They spend on average 42 days shopping for travel. By shopping, I mean researching and considering their options for their trip. The Covid shutdown has made this journey longer and more intense because people can’t travel. The average traveler spends 13% of their time online conducting travel-related activities.  

The four stages of travel are:

I-want-to-get-away moments: a.k.a. “dreaming moments” which happen when people with no firm plans explore destination options and ideas. 

Time-to-make-a-plan moments; staring to think about an itinerary. 

Let's-book-it-moments: a.k.a. "booking moments" that happen when the research is complete and travelers are ready to book their tickets and reserve their rooms. 

Can't-wait-to-explore moments: a.k.a. "experiencing moments" that happen when the trip is underway and travelers are ready to live the trip they've been dreaming about—and share it with others.

The trick for the travel business is to stay part of the consideration set right the way through the process. You have to remind your customers your business exists and that's remarketing (retargeting).   Remarketing is sometimes called retargeting but they are only slightly different. Remarketing is about reminding someone you exist through advertising. Retargeting is about marketing to people based on their past behavior to influence their future behavior.   

Both of these look at the data stored in your browser history and then deliver advertising to you based on where you have been before. This advertising can be delivered almost anywhere on the web but also on Facebook.   Retargeting allows you to move people down the funnel by first presenting content and interesting things about an activity or destination. Then later delivering price based offers to people ready to book a tour.   

Regardless of the terminology you use, remarketing has the following benefits:

1. You get to capitalize on the traffic you have on your website. 

2. You can target people you know are definitely interested in what you have. They are shopping in your category. 

3. You can target audiences more likely to convert. 

4. You can keep your brand top of mind to people still thinking about making a decision. 

5. It’s really inexpensive because you are only working with a small audience. 

6. It’s not prospecting.

So how do you get started? You need to make sure you have the right code on your website and you need to build a campaign, but we can help you. Simply book an appointment or email and we’ll create a strategy and kick this off.