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Michael Lattig - Head of Brand Marketing & E-commerce

Michael Lattig

Head of Brand Marketing & E-commerce

Home base:
 San Francisco

Job title: Head of Brand and Ecommerce 

When it comes to building a brand, there’s more to it than a logo or slogan. Take it from our Head of Brand and Ecommerce Michael Lattig, who brings years of branding experience to TourismSolved to help operators better position their brands and their products for success in their respective markets. 

As the former Chief Marketing Officer of Stubhub, and brand director of Viator and Tripadvisor Experiences, Michael is excited to bring his extensive ecommerce and marketplace experience straight to the operators selling tours and experiences. He helps our clients optimize their marketing mix and ecommerce experience so “they can more efficiently compete for and win direct bookings,” according to Michael. 

For travel, he is all in for “anywhere with a great beach.” Fiji, Hawaii, Belize, Costa Rica, and Mexico’s Sayulita are among his favorites so far.

Learn more about Michael:

What’s a favorite memory of a tour experience you’ve taken?

I took a tour of the Panama canal that ended with a BBQ on a floating house and then a kayak trip to a waterfall that we got to climb up to and jump from. That was very memorable. 

What is it about working in the travel industry that you love the most? 

Connecting people with experiences that they will remember and enjoy thinking about for the rest of their lives. 

What motivates you to stay in the travel industry?

The diversity of the work, the impact it can make on people and communities, and the community of travel professionals itself. Travel really brings together the best people, and brings out the best in people. 

What’s been a big learning moment in your career? 

There have been so many. The biggest lesson: There have been numerous times where I’ve learned that always putting what’s right for your customers first is the most certain path to success. 

What’s one of your proudest accomplishments in your career? 

Crafting the brand at Stubhub that not only invented the secondary ticketing market—giving more fans access to amazing seats they never thought they could get—but doing so in a way that turned us into the de facto industry leader, and a company with extremely high customer affinity. 

How do you see travel changing over time? What’s exciting about these potential changes? 

Personally, I’m leaning more and more into the quieter destination. Opportunities to find hidden gems or go off the beaten path to really experience a different place or way of life. In Fiji, for instance, boating off to a remote island and enjoying time with locals rather than staying at a big resort. Or in Mexico, getting out of the bigger cities, and enjoying more of a village life. 

What 3 things can every tour operator do to make their experience enjoyable for travelers? 

1. Be very clear and upfront about the logistics. That pre-experience anxiety travelers can feel really does diminish their enjoyment of the experience. 

2. Give ‘em the inside scoop. Anyone can read a history book or guidebook about your area. But what do you know that is special, unique, or unexpected?

3. Add some personality. The most memorable experiences are often the ones where you make a connection with the guide or host. So let your personality shine through! 

When you’re not working, where can we find you? 

If I’m not on a beach, I’m probably in the kitchen cooking, at a great restaurant, or at a baseball field—playing or watching. 

What's surprising people might not know about you?

I’ve lived in 11 different cities in the United States, but never outside of the country. Perhaps I need to fix that at some point…