TourismSolved - How We Work

Digital Agency for the Tourism Industry

How we work

We love travel.  We're passionate about the tour, activitiy and attractions industry and fully believe Arival's tagline that it's the best part of travel!


We have spent many years working as senior executives and supply managers for OTAs and we have combined that experience with digital marketing executives and experts to create Tourism Solved.  We help operators navigate the complicated and ever changing landscape that is digital marketing and OTAs to ensure that you're maximizing your revenue.  


We're not just going to educate you on best practices.  We will learn about your business and develop the strategy to deliver direct leads and sales along with optimizing your online presence with the OTAs and resellers.  We will deliver on that strategy, removing the guesswork and time that it takes to navigate the complicated digital marketing and OTA worlds on your own.  With Tourism Solved, operators are in the drivers seat to diversify your OTA reseller strategy and drive more direct leads and sales to maximize revenue.

Your success is our reward

The travel industry and digital marketing are always evolving and we've seen lots of fads come and go.  We stay on top of it all, so you don't have to.  Our purpose is to drive direct leads and optimize sales channels for your Tour, Activity or Attraction business.


We help you achieve your business goals.  We work hard to communicate clearly and ensure you understand what we are doing and deliver results with clear reporting.  We employ travel specialists and our global network means we are constantly exposed to what is new and what is working in other countries.


We don't ask for long term contracts, you can cancel at anytime.  


Lets keep this simple

For many businesses, digital marketing seems complicated and hard to manage and let's face it, you are busy enough just running a successful business.  Digital marketing also changes very quickly and even digital professionals are hard-pressed to keep up, and that's all we do.  We understand the need to keep things simple and easy to understand.   Because we are all senior experienced digital marketers, with tried and true methods and processes,  we have the ability to navigate this environment and make sense of it for your business.


We work to drive targetted and relevant traffic to your website.  At the lowest possible price.


We then re-market these visitors to make sure they come back since we know people do a lot of research and often forget what they have seen.


Finally, we deliver the right content and experience to ensure the customer books with your business.